MUSICA GIOIA Music Publishing was created in 2012.

There were two major impulses to create the publishing house.

Firstly, my colleague, the viola player and educator at the Prague Conservatoire Karel Doležal needed “notes” which would be presentable in the USA at courses of music (not merely computer transcriptions of compositions), and secondly, for my Ph.D. thesis I for several years studied the work of the contemporary Czech composer, and my husband, Eduard Douša.

I therefore first undertook a test on the viola solo composition entitled Quousque...? Sonata per viola solo, which conceals within itself the question How long...? And it was this composition which became the first work published by MUSICA GIOIA.

The name MUSICA GIOIA itself derives from the Italian word gioia which translates as joy.

And joy it has been for me to prepare the subsequent two cycles dedicated to children –Miniatures II. – Birds and Nine jazz minietudes for the piano.

The first of these is a sequel to a work entitled Miniatures as published approximately 40 years ago by Panton as a piece for piano beginners. Nine jazz minietudes is a fusion of two musical styles – classical music and jazz; the entire cycle is intended for advanced students.

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