CD – Duo BeNe

Czech neo-classicism of last century

In 2002, the chamber ensemble Dou BeNe (Jana Neubauerová, now Bošková/flute and Eva Benešová, now Doušová/piano) published their profile CD with pieces of contemporary Czech composers who were inspired in their work by neo-classicism.
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CD: 1
TIME: 58:55



Eduard Douša: Sonatina giocosa for flute and piano
Jiří Laburda: Sonatina for flute and piano
Jan Novák: Sonatina for flute and piano
Pavel Trojan: Miniatures for piano
Otmar Mácha: Variation for flute and piano
Emil František Burian: Lost serenades for flute and piano
Milan Báchorek: Sonatina for flute and piano 

Performing: Jana Neubauerová − flétna a Eva Benešová − klavír / DUO BENE
Musical director: Eduard Douša
Sound director: Tomáš Zikmund
Digital editor and mastering: Ales Dvorak in the studio Kryt in September – October 2002

Recorded on July 17-19, 2002 in the Chamber hall of the Prague Conservatoire at Palffy Palace.

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