Information about processing of personal details

Who processes your personal details

Mgr. Eva Doušová, Ph.D., CRN: 00712728, main office Pertoldova 3327/23, Praha 12 – Modřany, whose musical publishing house is called „Musica Gioia“, will process and administrate your personal details.


Why we process your personal details and what we use them for

The purpose of processing your personal details is fulfilling the contract between you and the administrator, including delivering the goods and solving rights of responsibility for defects or making arrangements by the administrator before making the contract, and also an execution connected with public-law duty of the administrator.


What kind of details we process

We process the details necessary for the identification of the purchaser. It means mainly the name and surname, or else company registration number, address, telephone contact, e-mail and communication with customer, and for safety reasons IP address.


Legal foundation

The fact that processing your personal details is necessary for fulfilling the contract between you and the administrator is the legal foundation of processing your personal details. It applies also to performing arrangements by the administrator before making the contract in sense of part 6 par. 1b of the regulation of the European Parliament and Council 2016/679 about protection of natural persons in relation to processing of personal details, about free movement of these details and about cancelling the direction 95/46/ES (general regulation of protection of personal details) – from now on only „regulation“; and fulfilling legal duties concerning the administrator in sense of part 6 par.1c, particularly fulfilling duties assigned to the administrator by generally obligatory legal regulations, especially by law number 235/2004, about value added tax, in sense of later regulations, especially the law number 586/1992, about income taxes, in sense of later regulations, and by the law number 563/1991, about accountancy, in sense of later regulations.


Time of processing

Your personal details will be processed for the time of lasting effects of rights and duties coming from the contract and then for time needed to archive them according to generally obligatory legal regulations, maximally for time given by generally obligatory legal regulations.


Rights of purchaser

Purchaser has the rights for access to his personal details, which means the right to obtain from the administrator the information if they process their personal details and about the way of their processing and which personal details are dealt with. They have the right to ask for clarification related to processing of personal details and demand access to these personal details. They are allowed to let them update or adjust, or else ask for cancelling them. Considering the purpose of our processing of personal details on the basis of fulfilling legal duties, some of the ways of performing your rights may be excluded regarding the character of processing.

More information about rights of purchaser are available on websites of the Office for protection of personal details.

As for performing your rights you may contact us. Contact details of the administrator are: Eva Doušová, Ph.D., CRN: 00712728, main office Pertoldova 3327/23, Praha 12 – Modřany, musical publishing house „Musica Gioia“, telephone contacts: +420 603 714 241, e-mail:,;

Prague 31/8/2019