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Six soprano recorder „jazzinkas“ were written in 2013. In 2023 they were considerably reworked and prepared for publishing by the author. The composition consists of six tiny pieces, that can be easily used for instructive purposes at elementary music schools. In these „jazzinkas“ you can find elements of neoclassicism, jazz, folklore or rock.

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CD Gradus ad Parnassum

CD Gradus ad Parnassum consists of four hand piano pieces of famous Czech composers – Petr Eben, Eduard Douša, Ilja Hurník, Klement Slavický and Emil Hradecký, performed by piano duet of Eliška Novotná and Lukáš Michel from University of Ostrava.

It is suitable as study material for music school teachers and students.

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Four Romantic Pieces

Four Romantic Pieces was composed in 2023. As the author says: „I like very much Baroque polyphony, but romantic thinking and feeling has never left me, and probably it never will. And that is why I composed a few pieces of this kind – for my wife, for young pianists, and a little for myself too.“

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Eight on Two

Eight on Two for eight hands and two pianos is a jazz composition of unusual cast, which will please both young pianists and the audience with its natural spontaneity.

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