Little Songs for Godfather for voice and piano

Eduard Douša

The song cycle for „Godfather Death“ contains a selection of four poems from different historical periods. The text diversity is stressed by the choice of different musical instruments. It is a paradox that it actually units the whole vocal cycle of one man’s life and death. The first interpreter of the cycle was Daniel Prokeš who accompanied by Eva Benešová (Doušová) recorded this piece for the Czech Radio.


Author: Eduard Douša

Kód: MG 0020

EAN: 9790706547183

Difficulty: 4 – 5

Num. of pages: 14

Format: 235×310 mm



  1. The Cemetery in Genova (Jaroslav Seifert)
  2. Death’s dance (Abraham a Sancta Clara)
  3. On the warrior’s grave (Confucius)
  4. I’ll die, die (Slovakian folk song)