Miniatures II – Birds´

Eduard Douša

A piano cycle of ten small compositions for beginners. Each from the miniatures is illustrated and includes interval scale of basic five finger position. The cycle is very popular among the children for its humour. It is lined up progressively.


Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue: MG 0003

EAN: 9790706547022

Difficulty: 1 – 2

Num. of pages: 14

Format: 235×235 mm


  1. Sparrows – jokers
  2. Woodpecker – hard worker
  3. Glum crow
  4. Swallows are flying down
  5. Magpies are dancing
  6. Hungry primaeval bird…
  7. Ostrich thought hard and – he is running!…
  8. Blackbirds are not wasps
  9. Birds early in the evening
  10. Bird Loskutak’s boogie