Miniatures III – Beetles´

Eduard Douša

The third sheet of Miniatures for young pianists. This time the music is accompanied by rhymes and pictures about beetles. The compositions can be also played as small melodramas.
The difficulty of this cycle is little bit more advanced than of Miniatures III Birds’.


Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue num.: MG 0016

EAN: 9790706547145

Difficulty: 1 – 2

Num. of pages: 18

Format: 235×235 mm


  1. Welcome in Beetles´World
  2. The Ants in a Cupboard
  3. Ladybirds Go Picking Pears
  4. Potato Beetle
  5. A Shy Little Beetle
  6. Tigre Beetle is a Great Tourist
  7. Cricket
  8. Longhorn Beetles
  9. Little Ground Beetle