Nine Jazz Minietudes (I)

Eduard Douša

A cycle of nine small pieces for piano which are suited for young pianists attending 3rd to 5th grade on an elementary art school. The note sheet includes a small vocabulary of the musical terminology used in the note sheets in this cycle. One of the minietudes is hiding musical riddles.


Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue num.: MG 0002

EAN: 9790706547015

Difficulty: 2 – 3

Num. of pages: 18

Format: 235×310 mm


  1. Old, good (swing)
  2. Black, black, black
  3. Sweet
  4. Mini – invention
  5. Waltz
  6. Bludovice ragtime
  7. It is a bit mixed up…
  8. Cool
  9. Rock – finale