Piano album From film to concert…

D.Elfman/J.Kyjovský, Š.Hrubecká, E.Kalavská Faltusová, M.Cimbál – contemporary young authors

The piano album for four hands called From film to concert… was issued in connection with the fourth year of the festival Czech piano modern art for children. It includes four compositions for young pianists of intermediate and slightly upper-intermediate piano skills.


Author: collective of composers

Catalogue num.: MG 0039

EAN: 9790706547374

Difficulty: 2 – 4

Num. of pages: 36

Format: 235×310 mm


  1. The Simpsons (Danny Elfman/Jan Kyjovský)
  2. Autumnal leaves (Štěpánka Hrubecká)
  3. Cantus Cordis (Eva Kalavská Faltusová)
  4. An incredible story of the noble-minded Mr Kupous (Marek Cimbál)