Piano Album

T.Janoška, D.Moiseeva, M.Olejár, K.Pincová, V.Podroužek, J.Potoček

Piano album was created by the initiative by Musica Gioia in 2018. It was presented at the 2nd annual festival Czech piano modern for children. The creative space here was given to young composers who created ten pieces, two of them are for piano four hands.


Author: Czech young contemporary composers

Catalogue: MG 0029

EAN: 9790706547275

Difficulty: 1 – 4

Num. of pages: 22

Format: 235x310mm


  1. Tomáš Janoška: Little Squirrel and a Nut
  2. Tomáš Janoška: Dance of Stone Giants
  3. Tomáš Janoška: Wooing
  4. Jakub Potoček: Waterfall
  5. Daria Moiseeva: Song Without Words
  6. Matěj Olejár: Sonatina in uno movimento
  7. Vojtěch Podroužek: Hommage to the Impressionists
  8. Jakub Potoček: Nostalgia
  9. Kateřina Pincová: Tender Waltz
  10. Kateřina Pincová: Alla samba