Six arms endeavours…

(a cycle of six  little pieces for children for piano six hands)

Eduard Douša

There is not much of a piano literature for three young pianists who want to make music for fun. Therefore, the author decided to compose for this unusual ensemble six small pieces of different genres and completed it with verse names. In the music language of each compositions you can find a minuet, blues, romantic or film sound hints, but also a grotesque with modern elements.


Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue: MG 0032

EAN: 9790706547305

Difficulty: 1 – 2 

Num. of pages: 20

Format: 235×297 mm (landscape orientation)


  1. Six arms endeavours…
  2. They go, go, through the black darkness…
  3. The world won’t get older when a minuet sounds!
  4. Those who ride through the prairie, don’t shower that often!
  5. We will sail on a boat through a romantic area… But be careful!
  6. Perpetuum mobile has unpleasant outages!