Two Portraits from Chateau Gallery

for Recorder and Piano

Eduard Douša

Two Portraits from Chateau Gallery for recorder and piano are compositions of instructive character, inspired by two fictional paintings – Infanta and Rider on white horseThese small musical pieces were written in 2002 by the impulse by Jana Neubaerová for the Prague Junior Note competition. The music sheet includes a part for recorder with a colouring sheet and a CD. The recording contains two versions of the „Portraits“ – recorder accompanied by piano and the single piano part.


Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue num.: MG 0006

EAN: 9790706547046

Difficulty: 2

Num. of pages: 4 score and 2 part and CD

Format: 235×310 mm

Note: The part for recorder is a colouring sheet on its back side.


1. Infanta
2. Rider on white horse