Water lilies

Jindra Nečasová Nardelli

Water lilies by Jindra Nečasová Nardelli are inspired by famous impressionist paintings of Claude Monet. The cycle is composed of three parts – 1/ Morning light, 2/ Two willows and 3/ Glare of setting sun in the anticipation of night, which evoke in the realm of sound colour the atmosphere of Monet´s paintings. Sense and feeling for the instrument colour with impresionist ground lead young musicians naturally to work with piano sound.


Author: Jindra Nečasová Nardelli

Catalogue num.: MG 0040

EAN: 9790706547381

Difficulty: 3 – 4

Num. of pages: 20

Format: 235×310 mm


  1. Morning light
  2. Two willows
  3. Glare of setting sun in the anticipation of night