CD – The Sounds of the Piano

Eduard Douša (2021)

The CD consisting of piano works by Eduard Douša was created during the covid times (October 2020 – July 2021) on the occasion of his jubilee.

It contains a selection of his piano works covering different technical levels from the instructive to concert compositions. There are four pianists involved in the interpretation – Ivo Kahánek, Eliška Novotná, Lukáš Michel and Eva Doušová.

EAN: 8593085041515
CD: 1
TIME: 62:05



1. Marching Song
2. Footsteps in the Dark
3. Pastorale
4. A Bee
(in: Miniatures I)

5. Sparrows – jokers
6. Magpies are dancing (attacca)
7. Hungry primaeval bird…
8. Ostrich thought hard and – he is running!
(in: Miniatures II – Birds)

9. Welcome in Beetles´World
10. Ladybirds go picking Pears
11. Cricket
12. A Shy little Bee
13. Longhorn Beetles
(in: Miniatures III – Beetles)

14. Sweet
15. It is a bit mixed up
16. Rock-finale
(in: Nine jazz minietudes I)

17. Modern jazz
18. Jazz prelude
19. Jazz invention (da capo version)
(in: Nine jazz minietudes II)

20. Monkey swing Mischief
21. A Memory of Brubeck
22. Punctual Charleston!
23. The first – last Waltz
(in: Nine jazz minietudes III for piano four hands)

24. Sonatina pour Claude (Hommage à Claude Bolling) Animato​
25. Malincolico
26. Vivo
(in: Sonatinas)

27. Vivo
28. A Ditty
29. Lento
(in: Studies I)

30. Solenne
31. Largo
32. Presto
(in: Studies II)

33. Con moto
34. Vivat melodia!
35. We have a circus here
(in: We are two playing…for piano four hands)

36. Byla cesta, byla ušlapaná
37. Jozef, můj kochany Jozef
38. Stojí vrba košatá
(in: The little caroller for piano four hands)

39. Syncopated („R“)ondo for piano four hands
40. Dancing miniature for piano four hands
41. Six arns endeavours…
42. The World won´t get older when a Minuet sounds!
43. Perpetuum mobile has unpleasant outages!
(in: Six arns endeavours…for piano six hands)

44. Romantica – fantasia for two pianos

Eva Doušová (1-19, 30-32, 41-44)
Ivo Kahánek (44)
Lukáš Michel (20-23, 24-26, 33-43)
Eliška Novotná (20-23, 27-29, 33-43)
poetry readings:
Michal Pazderka (9-13)

Recorded on 11th October and 29th November 2020 in St. Lawrence’s Chapel in Prague (No. 1–43), on 20th May 2021 in the concert hall of the Taussigova Primary Art School in Prague (No. 44).

artistic director: Eduard Douša
sound producers: Tomáš Zikmund a/and Iva Podzimková
graphic design: Eliška Tunklová
translation: Kateřina Pincová
manufactured by Fermata Praha, s. r. o.
published by Musica Gioia – Eva Doušová
CD was made with support from OSA – Partnerství