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CD Returns

Before last Christmas (2020) Musica Gioia published the CD Returns, to commemorate the jubilee of Eduard Douša (born 1951). The author has chosen a few pieces out of his radio recordings, which manifest the representation of his work.

Little sportsmen

Eduard Douša

Little sportsmen (1999) is a cycle of children´s songs on lyrics of Josef Brukner for children´s choir, piano and percussions. This cycle contains eight short songs about sport events (Jogging, Hockey, Ribbon Exercise, Football…), which can be sung also solo. This music is apt for children´s choirs at elementary or elementary music schools. Our music publishing house is publishing this cycle for the first time.

Nine jazz minietudes III

Eduard Douša

The new piano cycle of Eduard Douša has been created to continue the successful jazz minietudes I and II for solo piano issued in 2012 and 2017. This time again the author has written nine very skilful jazz pieces for four hands and he says: “I tended to write pieces offering young musicians as wide style and genre contrast as possible.”…

Water lilies

Jindra Nečasová Nardelli

Water lilies by Jindra Nečasová Nardelli are inspired by famous impressionist paintings of Claude Monet. The cycle is composed of three parts – 1/ Morning light, 2/ Two willows and 3/ Glare of setting sun in the anticipation of night, which evoke in the realm of sound colour the atmosphere of Monet´s paintings. Sense and feeling for the instrument colour with impresionist ground lead young musicians naturally to work with piano sound.

Piano album From film to concert…

D.Elfman/J.Kyjovský, Š.Hrubecká, E.Kalavská Faltusová, M.Cimbál – contemporary young authors

The piano album for four hands called From film to concert… was issued in connection with the fourth year of the festival Czech piano modern art for children. It includes four compositions for young pianists of intermediate and slightly upper-intermediate piano skills.

Dancing miniature for piano four hands

Eduard Douša

One movement „miniature“ is a piece charming for its distinguished rhythmic-melodical structure. It is aimed for rather advanced piano pupils, which is demanded for its dance rhythm, jazz harmonies and melodical inventions, plus a considerably long space. It can also be used as a concert piece for piano duets.

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