Transmutations or a Walk Through the Musical Styles

(7 variations on Czech folk songs for piano three hands)

Eduard Douša

Transmutations were not created primarily for concerts. It is mainly a teaching instrument that aims to introduce young pianists attending elementary art school to the musical transmutations during different music eras. It is, so to say, an introduction to the practical history of music and musical analysis in a nutshell. The compositions can be played by two pianists using three hands. The part for one hand is easier and is suited for less advanced students. This one voice part can be also  played by other instrument (string or wind) of a respective scale. Each of „Transmutations“ is provided with a comment about the used musical style and its instruments.


Author: Eduard Douša

Catalogue num.: MG 0025

EAN: 9790706547237

Difficulty: 1

Num. of pages: 22

Format: 235x235mm


  1. Classicist
  2. Romantic
  3. Impressionist
  4. Jazz
  5. Renaissance
  6. Baroque
  7. Neo-classic