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Kniha Eduard Douša - S úsměvem a hudbou

Eduard Douša – With Smile and Music

Eduard Douša, music composer and teacher, was born on 31st August 1951 in Prague. During his lifetime he has managed to create hundreds of compositions for solo players, chambre ensembles, orchestras, movies, children, Sokol festivals etc. Except of composing he works as a teacher at the Prague Conservatory where he has educated a number of music composers and on the musical…

Six Characteristic Pieces

A cycle of six compositions for slightly advanced students of basic art schools. The music is written in comprehensible musical language with romantic flavours here and there, and stress on piano stylization. It is possible to play the pieces separately, or according to one´s choice.

Suites for piano

Suites for piano put three of Douša’s piano cycles, Little Jazz Partita, Holiday Suite and Postmodern Suite in a chronological order. Musical language of these compositions for children and the youth is very often inspired by the classical music together with jazz, which sometimes enables an interesting combination in a music form, eg. Two-part Fugue in Little Jazz Partita. However, there is much broader stylistic range in these Suites. Fifteen concert pieces gives the young pianists and their teachers the possibility of wide choice.

Stories about Trains and Locomotives

A cycle of seven compositions suited to the beginners or first grades of basic art schools. Short compositions in a very distinct character, loosely inspired by a book about the sorcerer Zababa (Pavel Nauman: Stories about Locomotives).

CD The Sounds of the Piano

The CD consisting of piano works by Eduard Douša was created during the covid times (October 2020 – July 2021) on the occasion of his jubilee.

It contains a selection of his piano works covering different technical levels from the instructive to concert compositions. There are four pianists involved in the interpretation – Ivo Kahánek, Eliška Novotná, Lukáš Michel and Eva Doušová.

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